Where in the Azores?


The Azores, a small group of Islands in the middle ot the Atlantic ocean, has been the birth place of countless immigrants to the Americas. Today there are millions of descendants of these original immigrants around the world.
This searchable database is designed to help narrow down the the location of the birthplace of your Azorean ancestors and to give you additional information on where they lived. Just enter any bits of information that you have available, and it will return you a variety of information such as the Town, Parish, Council or Island as well as address information on where to obtain copies of Vital Records and other related search materials. Use partial words and try different spelling variation to increase your chance of sucess. This database is an addition to the "Portuguese Family Roots" Database and the "Passenger Ship Lists" Databases and a multitude of other genealogy resources on LusaWeb to help you on the search for your Portuguese roots.