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Hankow in Funchal (courtesy of Rich Brown)

(PGSH) - Founded - 1981

 The inception of our Portuguese Genealogical Society of Hawaii (PGSH) had a humble beginning with Joseph Freitas Miranda and Judge Paul de Silva.  They were the Founders of the PGSH, and along with a few others that were interested.  They made bread and malassadas to pay for the gathering of records, transcribing the Consulado Geral D Portugal Em Hawaii, the manifest book of over 20,000 immigrants in alphabetical order. After less than a year, the records were transferred from the big island of Hawaii to the island of Oahu.  Appointed as president and custodian over the records, with the approval by the Board of Directors, was Doris Naumu.

 All of the PGSH records were housed at the private home of the president, Doris Naumu. She alone did the research for hundreds of fellow Portuguese.   In 1995, through the kindness of Dolores Furtado Martin, the Portuguese Genealogical Society of Hawaii finally had its own library. We were allowed, with no cost to us, the use of an office in the Executive Centre in downtown Honolulu.  Doris gathered a handful of dedicated volunteers who were willing to give of their time 4 times a week.  People were invited to come in and do their own searches with assistance from a volunteer staff. In 1997, Hawaii's economic downturn resulted in the PGSH once more having no home. The Hawaii Council on Portuguese Heritage came to the rescue.   Through their generosity, the PGSH is now housed in historical Palama Settlement.  We are located in the building that is situated on the corner of Vineyard Blvd. and Palama Street. We have a small library where visitors are always welcome to search through all the documents that the PGSH has gathered over the years.

 Membership in the Portuguese Genealogical Society of Hawaii is open to all.  Cost is $10.00 per year, per person - due in January. You will receive a quarterly newsletter that lists activities in the Portuguese Community as well as genealogical information.

 Monetary donations are always accepted, most welcome and very much appreciated.  It allows us to purchase copy paper, ink for the copier, pay the telephone bill, pay for postage costs, etc.  Most important, donations help us to continue to assist our fellow Portuguese. 

 The Founders of the Portuguese Genealogical Society of Hawaii will long be remembered for their Sacrifice, Love and Patience, and especially for building our self-esteem to identify our ancestors and preserve our Heritage.

 Our Founder, Mr. Miranda slipped quietly from this earthly life on 1 July 1993. He left a lasting legacy, and for that, we are most thankful.


810 N. Vineyard Blvd.  Room 11
Honolulu, HI 96817
Phone: (808) 841-5044
Hours: Monday, Wednesday, Friday and Saturday
10:00 am -  3:00 PM
You are also welcome to contact through e-mail 2 of our volunteer
Maxine or   Sandy -

    New reprint available

The Portuguese Genealogical Society now have a new reprinting of the PORTUGUESE HAWAIIAN MEMORIES book. It is for sale at $40, which includes postage and handling. If it is picked up at the office, it is only $35.  It is on acid-free paper, and a treasure for anyone that is interested in the Portuguese families that have ancestors in the book, or even just to look at the pictures and read the information.
A misconception by some has been, that only the wealthy families of the time is in this book...NOT TRUE. Though only 500 families are listed, many were of various backgrounds.  I know for a fact, as my mother's parents are in the book, but they were very, very poor!  But, he got the family in the book.  My mom tells me she remembers the day .. they had gone to mass, and after the mass, they took the picture outside the church.  My dad's side, now they were the more "affluent" side (My grandfather owned a dairy), they had their picture taken at home, in the front yard!  So, the truth of the matter was, that anyone could be included...they had to pay the fee for the book only. Unfortunately, my mom's side couldn't afford it, but my dad's could! Oh, well, I really am one of the lucky ones...I have both families in it!!!!
Individuals interested can either e-mail me or write directly to our Society: