Azores Database
Dicionário Corográfico dos Açores


The Dicionário Corográfico dos Açores contains a wealth of information on every city, village and other smaller and lesser known areas (lugares) It is also a great source for general information, dotted with historical and other interesting facts.
This Database contains Portuguese diacritic marks such as ã é õ ô ó ç, etc.  To search for information that contains these special accent marks, you must use these special accent marks in your search field.
 If you don't know how to use these diacritic marks, you should use this version of the database, in which these diacritic marks have been stripped.

For best search results, try general, less restrictive searches. For example, if you're trying to find information on "Calheta de São Jorge", try searching for "Calheta"  or "Jorge" first, at least until you see what sort of information the Database contains and how it is generally presented. Please note that a lot of the information is abbreviated. You will notice that "São" as in São Jorge is almost always listed as "S."

You can use partial words for a search, as well. If you don't know how to spell the word, try it different ways, but remember that all the information is in Portuguese, and if you don't enter the search word correctly, the database will not find the information :)

I hope that you find this information useful!